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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2018 Regional Best
Residential Exterior

National Award
2018 Commercial Remodel
under $500,000

2009 Regional Best
Detached Outbuilding

National Award
2008 Best
 Residential Specialty

2008 Best
Commercial Remodel


Teevan Restoration
Remodelers of
San Francisco, California
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Susan Clark
2247 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415 474-8826

2009 Best Detached Outbuilding

When the client decided to add a wine cabinet in the newly remodeled kitchen of their top floor city apartment, the problem was finding a location. Available space made it impossible to just “plunk” a unit in place. The answer was to create a custom-built wine storage area that would fit into the existing kitchen design. The project was started by sketching the rack dimensions based on the space available, and building the cabinet around the racking. Perfecting the racking and interior design provided a snug fit into the dimensions available. The racks are made of vertical grain clear heart redwood, the backing is a cherry plywood. Both woods are unfinished to prevent the passing of fumes into the wine bottles via the cork. The inner cabinet wall is lined with double paned glass & plexi-glass to create an inner space between the glass interior wall and the exterior wall. This creates an even vertical circulation of air, and provides transparency for an elegant peek inside. The niche and bar with storage drawer provide functionality and display. The mirrored back wall creates the illusion of space in the apartment kitchen. The wine cabinet doors are arched to repeat the arching of the entry to the kitchen and the wine cabinet doesn’t appear like an afterthought.