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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2009 Best Residential
Universal Design

2008 Best Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $100,000

2006 Best Kitchen
 Remodel Over $75K

2005 Best Bath Remodel
Over $50,000

2005 Best Kitchen Remodel

2004 Best Kitchen Remodel
Under $40,000

2004 Best Whole House
 Remodel $200K-$500K

2003 Best Bath Remodel
 Under $50,000

2003 Best Whole House
 Remodel $200K-$500K

2002 Special Award Kitchen
Remodel Over $75K

Small Carpenters at Large, Inc
Remodelers of Atlanta,
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Industry Associations: NAHB, NARI, NKBA
Professional Designation: CR, CLC

Danny Feig-Sandoval
884 Lake Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404-688-7665
Fax: 404-688-2840

2005 Best Kitchen Remodel $40K - $75K

Lacking quality, warmth, and character, the previous kitchen was in need of a renovation. The general layout was suitable, but the style and quality of the cabinetry and appliances did not meet the clientís standards or taste. The white cabinetry was replaced with stained maple cabinets, and the wall cabinets were extended to the ceiling. The inlay cabinet doors, rope molding, crown molding, end panels and furniture feet all add a level of detail that reflects the quality the clients desired. The countertops were replaced with granite, the appliances were all replaced and the island was made into one level. The storage solutions in this project make it even more special. There is a utensil storage cabinet, pullout drawers in the pantry, wood dividers in the large drawers by the range and metal tray dividers in the base cabinets by the refrigerator. With the design changes and some wonderful detailing, they were able to transform this mediocre kitchen into a perfectly customized space of the highest quality.