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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2018 National Award
Historic Renovation

2007 National Award

Best Historic Renovation

Finish Line Building Inc.
Remodelers of Columbus OH

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Dan Custer
Finish Line Building Inc.
7682 Old Foxe Ct
Columbus OH  43235

Historic Renovation

Having a second opportunity to work on this home after winning a 2007 National Award doesn’t happen often. Our second opportunity with a new homeowner took the project to a new level of design and detail. This home is a well-known local landmark, “The Red House”, built in the 1860s as a farmhouse. The new owner liked the multi-generational layout of the '07 house and wanted to expand it while maintaining the historic nature and setting of the existing structures. The design mimics a complex of buildings that would grow over time as the farm expanded and changed over generations.