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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2008 Best Kitchen
Remodel $40,000 - $75,000

National Award
2008 Best Addition Under $100,000

National Award
2007 Best Finished Basement

Cabinetry & Construction, Inc.
Remodelers of Richmond VA

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Industry Associations: NARI, Remodelers Advantage
Professional Designation: CR

Robert A. Wright, C.R.
Cabinetry & Construction
18 S. Thompson St. #162
Richmond VA  23221

2008 Best Kitchen Remodel $40,000 - $75,000

This is an older home that was purchased by one of the children who was raised in it.

The goals included:
Improve the functionality of the space.
Upgrade and modernize the appearance and finishes.
Work with a modest budget.
Remember that this is an old family homestead with deep personal meaning, and it more than just construction.

The kitchen was a very small, dark, dead-end space off the dining room. The end wall was broken out and a 140 square foot addition allowed traffic to flow directly into the family room and then to the dining room for a 360 degree flow. The wall at the other end of the kitchen was also removed, eliminating an awkward small hallway to the powder room and enlarging the overall space. it gave the kitchen access to the window over the door to the back yard, adding light and improving access and flow.

The cabinets and finishes all work together to make this a much more up to date and enjoyable space. The husband, who grew up in the house, had the best compliment when he said he was sure that his mother would have loved it.